Reflecting on the Montreal Women’s Shelters COVID Relief Fund

The Project

Two months since we launched our fundraiser to provide relief to four hard-working and under-resourced women’s shelters early in the COVID crisis, we cannot be more proud of what our city has come together to accomplish.

Our original fundraising schema!

On April 22nd of 2020, our GoFundMe page was launched with an initial goal of $800. With hopes of benefitting four shelters (see below) at least $200 each to help meet their needs in a time of increased demand and decreased funding, without too heavily burdening donators may be experiencing financial strain themselves in the context of the pandemic.

The Results

Within 2 days of launching our campaign, we reached our initial goal of $800, allowing the Relief Fund to provide each of our beneficiaries with $200 to help meet their specific needs, including funds for payroll, fresh food for patrons, and essential hygiene supplies!

We then doubled our goal to $1,600 to benefit each shelter $400 — the goal was met by April April 28th!

In the end, thanks to the generosity of 97 generous donors across our city, the Montreal Women’s Shelters COVID Relief Fund raised a total of $8,590 to benefit each of our beneficiaries $2,075 (after processing fees) to help them care for our most vulnerable women and children in the midst of the pandemic.

The Prospects

We cannot be more heartened to see the solidarity and commitment to community wellness that dwells so firmly in the heart of our city.

Moving forward, Helping Hands McGill will remember this campaign as a study of the change that can be made when we join hands in the alliance against the common enemy: inequity.

With hope and solidarity,
The Helping Hands McGill Team

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