About Us

The goal of our McGill club, Helping Hands, is to provide women with basic health-related necessities in the form of a feminine hygiene kit.

We have partnered with the Chronic Viral Illness Clinic and front-line workers of the Native Women’s Shelter Montreal to provide feminine hygiene kits to women from vulnerable populations. The clinic follows over 2000 HIV-positive patients on a long-term basis, who have difficult socio-economic circumstances. Additionally, the Native Women’s Shelter acts as a temporary home providing support for Native women and their children who are experiencing difficulty. With your help, we will provide basic necessities to women who are asylum-seekers, refugees and other newly-landed migrants; homeless and marginally housed ; and HIV-positive as well as other chronic illnesses. Thousands of women must choose between basic necessities of life and items such as tampons. We intend to put an end to this dilemma for women both at the shelter and served by the clinic. 

In a reusable bag, we will provide ten basic items designed to last the average patient for one month. These kits can provide sanitary napkins, deodorant, wet wipes, soap, condoms, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, hand lotion, nail clipper and brush, chapstick, shampoo and conditioner.

Our goal is to provide a kit whose items each fulfill a specific purpose. In this manner, each kit item provides a form of primary preventive healthcare that is adapted for the population we are serving. Through the use of feedback surveillance we are able to add and change products we provide based on what the women need.